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Today in every home there is some furniture that is in perfect condition, but the look leaves something to be desired!

Enveloping is the best option to renew an environment in a matter of hours,
no mess, no smell, no noise and the differential of being 100% customizable.

Compare and see!

You can have new furniture every year!

Patterns and Prints available

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Vinyl CARBON is a film with a four-dimensional (4D) effect, with Airflow technology.
Alltak Decor Prints promote a differentiated finish due to its subtle relief, for residential and corporate environments.
KAMO Vinyl is an exclusive ALLTAK film for vehicle customization and especially special fleets due to its texture and its Camouflage effect.
KRUSHER Vinyl is a special textured film available in several colors.
Alltak Decor Patterns have a special texture that refers to the sensation of the original form of the print, for residential and corporate environments.
Vinyl SATIN is a film available in several trending colors and satin texture.
ULTRA Vinyl is a high-gloss film, available in several solid and metallic colors.
ALLTAK glass film has textures and effects known as (fantasy glass) which diffuses direct light, maintaining privacy without losing the brightness of the environment.
In partnership with AlltakDecor, trends in the decoration market were mapped

Kitchen comparison


  • Average cost
    R$ 14.000
  • Color option
  • Service time
    1 week
  • Local
    Need to take to another location


  • Average cost
    R$ 1.900
  • Color option
    Many options
  • Service time
    8 hours
  • Local
    Made on site and no mess

But how is this possible?

We combine a professional service with a quality product and a commitment to excellence!

  • Specialized Service
    Our professionals go to the location and carry out the service without noise, without mess and in a short period of time, often in less than 3 hours.
  • Quality Material
    We use high strength products, with excellent accommodation on flat and curved surfaces. Protects your furniture against scratches, small impacts, stains and UV rays.
  • Support and Warranty
    We only work with premium products and we are proud and confident to offer a 5-year warranty on furniture.
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